Coworking Amsterdam @ The Meets

Overall Ranking: ★★★(5/5)IMG_6235

Neighborhood: de Pijp

Address: Cornelis Troostplein 3

Phone: 06 15316734

Hours:  Mon-Sun: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Price: $

Wifi: yes. They had some issues with the connection when I came, but I guess they will correct this after a few weeks. It just opened, so we can wait for a few weeks to let them settle this out.

Power Plugs: Several in the very front of the store or the very back.

Size: Small cafe and a definite hot spot! Great to come early and pick your camp.

Lighting: Big windows up front for nice natural light.

Noise level:
Depends on the time: From 9-11:30 it was very quiet. Lunch rush and later it is bustling.

Vibe: Cozy, creative, fantastic food. Emphasis is on the taste with a low price point.

What we think:
 I love this cafe. They have so many lovely drinks to pick from. Turmeric latte, chai latte, machta latte, many juices, and more. Their are plenty of delicious food items for lunch and snacking, very vegan friendly!



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