Coworking Amsterdam @ Vinnies Deli

IMG_6080Overall Ranking: ★★★★★(5/5)

Neighborhood: Haarlemmerbuurt (Center)

Haarlemmerstraat 46 HS, 1013 ES

Phone: 020 771 3086


Monday-Friday 7:30AM–6PM
Saturday 9AM–6PM
Sunday 9:30AM–6PM

Price: $$

Wifi: yes, free!

Power Plugs: Plenty!

Size: Two floor cafe, looks tiny from the street, but plenty of space upstairs to pitch a camp for the day

Lighting: Gezellig. Warm. Natural. Cozy. Not a great view of the busy street, so a huge plus for being productive.

Noise level: soft music, lively conversation, mostly dutch vrouwen gossiping loudly about flax, vegan food, detox, etc…you know the type.

Vibe: happy hippy guys serving delicious healthy food. A trendy, hip lunch spot. Clean, minimal design. Hard tables and chairs, no lounge area.

What we think: This place is a huge win. We had a coconut yogurt and granola for breakfast, and a beautiful salad for lunch: Lentil mix, Brussels sprouts, and a beet salad. There are plenty of food options and drink options.

We also love that the service is so fantastic and the vibe is so lively. If you like to work in a hive of activity, this spot is for you.


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