Coworking Amsterdam @ Dophert-cute Vegan Cafe

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.30.37 PM.png

Vegan dreams.

Overall Ranking: ★★★★(4/5)

Neighborhood: Jordaan, (Center)

Prinsengracht 276, 1016 HJ Amsterdam


Monday-Friday 8-18:00

Saturday 9-18:00

Sunday 10-18:00

Price: $

Wifi: yes, free, great signal

Power Plugs: Plenty of outlets for laptops

Size: Small cafe, but not too small.

Lighting: Gezellig. Warm. Natural. Cozy. Large front windows.

Noise level: Bustling, loud, energetic, happy hippy

Vibe: hippy, casual, granola, hard table and chairs, busy after 12 for the lunch rush. Cozy seating in back. Coworking table in the middle.

What we think: One of the challenges that coworking health-nuts face is the lack of lunch options. Most restaurant/cafes in Amsterdam will have at least one vegetarian item on the menu (although usually hummus-based or with cheese), and they often have coffees with either soy or almond milk. Do you have unsweetened almond milk? This can be a deal breaker to the more hardcore vegans.

Dophert is a vegan cafe in Amsterdam. You can choose from a great selection of yummy vegan sandwiches with great bread, or a delicious soup. I tried the black bean soup and loved it. We give it ★★★★(4/5) because the lunch is just a bit pricier than we would like, and the coffee is super small for these American hands.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.39.01 PM

De Menu for January 2016


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