Missing my dad. #expatproblems

Happy Father’s day to all you amazing fathers out there!

From all of my research,  I can conclude that I have the coolest dad EVARRRRR!!! He was in his mid-twenties when he became a parent to my brother and I–and my mother was only 18 when she heard the terrifying, exciting news that she was called to motherhood. Despite (likely) being totally clueless, they both were incredible parents. To provide for the family, both of my parents worked. My mother worked in retail, which enabled us to always have great clothes in high school. My dad was an electrician, both for our city of Dover, Ohio and also for his own small business on the side. We were a fairly typical middle class family.

Maybe not so typical, and evidence that I had the best parents on earth, my Dad was almost always a coach for different sports teams, including girls softball, boys baseball, football, etc. My mom always did everything she could to be involved as well: cheerleading advisor, school parents’ clubs, driving me and my friends everywhere.  Rad!!

Now as an big kid adult, my parents are still so amazing and supportive.

So although  I live in the best place on earth, I do miss my family terribly. My parents have been divorced for a long time now, which although difficult at the time, now just gives me even more amazing people to miss (unlike Cinderella, I have great step parents as well). Cheers fam! I hope you are having a lovely father’s day.  Love Love Love.




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