Home for the Holiday

In light of having a turbulent life this fall, my totally awesome family bought me a plane ticket home for the holidays. I know, right? I’m almost 30 and still get spoiled rotten. I’m almost 30. *shudder*

As an expat, I have loads of friends from all over the world. I think that my experience is also unique because I have friends that I met in the states that are now world citizens, like Lily, and we still keep in some sort of contact. Maintaining these connections is so cool and effortless if you have some common interests. We met while working in a cancer lab at The Ohio State University. She flew the science-coup long ago…but at least we both still have a vested love of techno parties and Dutch culture 😉 IMG_2140Ok, so this is not an ode to Lily, it is a post about things I miss in the US, and the reasons I am super stoked to go home this week. I got the idea from her blog though…so I guess it is sort of a convo between us.

1. Chipotle– Not only do I miss mexican food, I also miss mexican food…industrialized. Imagine, a burrito assembly line. I kid not. Also, one of the few fast eating places that doesn’t hide their ingredients list. 

2. Sheetz- This is a massive gas station. It has an enormous selection of beverages to take in the car, including this weird black water.

3. Great lakes Brewing Company- Who says that great things don’t come out of Cleveland?

4. The Blue Danube-Also known as “the dube”, this is not a chain, but it is the most awesome restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. When I was in college, you could still smoke inside…so we would order two eggs with toast for about $4 and chain-smoke there at least several days/week. Memories….

5. Bread Head Bakery and Panera bread– Pretty sure that any European would agree that bread from a US supermarket should NOT be allowed to bare the name, bread. However these two places, one a small independent bakery in my hometown, the other a huge bakery chain, are both quite nice for actual doughy goodness.

6. Portions. As in size. I want to order a meal and have it hanging off the plate on all sides, dammit. I don’t care if I have a super healthy lifestyle lately, I’ll always be a #fattyontheinside

7. Physicians Formula– Natural makeup on the cheap…yes. I’m stocking up.

8. Wendy’s– A fast food chain with baked potatoes and salads. #veganwin

9. Amazon.com- Yes, they have world shipping. But to buy something in the Netherlands you have to pay 21% tax to import it. I know…it’s crazy. Things I want to buy: black boots, black salt, maybe a fancy juicer.

10. Zappos.com– In the Netherlands we have websites for shoes like  Zalando.nl…which is basically the same thing as Zappos, but since all the post offices are privatized here, and shipping things around is just more annoying here than in the states (imagine cycling with three or more packages to return…ughhhh) I am still quite looking forward for Zappos.

11. DSW– Designer shoe warehouse. Ok…I must have shoes on the brain.

That’s all for now….Prettige Kerstdagen Dutchies!!!


  One thought on “Home for the Holiday

  1. February 8, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    Can’t believe I’m getting around to reading this only now.. learned some new things about you and the world. Rad stuff!

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