Summer Love Melon Smoothie

If you have been following my blog, you know that I started eating super healthy, and living like a good vegan gal should in March 2013. My experience in the beginning was exactly what everyone told me it would be: loads of energy, beautiful skin, feeling great about myself, etc.

I couldn’t have made my transition if it weren’t for my blender. It can make some fantabulous things happen with otherwise boring fruits. Sorry Mr. Melon, you are quite dull for me. I simply let you sit in my refrigerator until you are moments from getting tossed in the bin. But don’t cry! I found some great friends that will help you fit in better (into my belly that is! Mu ah aha  ha ha ha!)

By way of cleaning out the refrigerator/freezer before a trip to the lovely markets of Amsterdam to reload on yummies, I give you the following delicious summer smoothie.  This one was inspired by the gorgeous “You’re the only girl for me” lilies that hubby bought me this week. Thanks Janny!

Non-boring Melon smoothie **makes two smoothies**

1 small honeydew melon

2 frozen bananas

handful frozen raspberries

1 grapefruit

handful frozen mango

1 tsp spirulina

Blend the frozen banana, melon, and grapefruit juice together until smooth. This is the white layer.

Set aside two thirds of the white mixture, then add raspberries to the blender (so one part is pink).

Now set aside the pink mixture, rinse the blender well (pink +green = brown…no pretty) and add back one third of the mixture. Add the spirulina and mango to the mixture. If you want to distinguish the layers more, add another banana to the green layer.

Now pour it into your favorite glass,  and enjoy !  The fruits blend perfectly with the spirulina, giving you an energy shot for your busy summer day.

Summer is for having fun in the sun and not slaving away in the kitchen so enjoy as much raw food as possible and turn off your computer…go for a bike ride…go for a swim….go for a walk! Let the earth love you ❤IMG_3455



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