Dutchification of the innocent American

Hail to the king! We have officially been Dutch-ified. We Queen’s night-ed…and Queen’s day-ed…and just wow.

I’m fairly certain there isn’t a quirkier country on earth.

Unless you know of another country that hosts multi-day parties to celebrate a monarchy?

I didn’t think so.

We came up with a cleaver way to stay gluten-free (read: no beer) as well….whiskey (and water) in a jar. Reuse those olive jars, baby food containers, or other small jars with screw tops for the perfect party accessory. Is it really a good idea to guzzle loads of beer on those 5 hour long boat parties…with no toilet? No. Besides, you can DANCE DANCE DANCE all you want, and no spills. (You’re welcome.)

Great times! Glad that the city is finally back to calm calmish? normal.  The sun is finally shining all weekend! Grabbing my trusty fiets and off to the markets.

Recipes coming soon!

Peace and Love!


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