Queen’s day! and apple-peanut-butter-happy-monkey breakfast plate

Things have been quite busy over at the hungry lifetarian palace. And by palace… I mean overpriced flat with modest decor. My home.


If you are a Dutchie, then you know what’s up. It’s about to get crazy in the streets of the Dam.

It’s nearly Queen’s day.

Queen’s day has been celebrated on April 30th (despite the fact that Queen Beatrix was born January 31st) because her mother and predecessor  Juliana, was born on this day. So this is the day that everyone flocks to the streets, Heineken in hand, and gleefully celebrates the Queen’s birthday.

But this year is even more special.

Earlier this year, the Queen announced that she would abdicate her throne to  her eldest son, prince Willem-Alexander, and he will become the King. This is the first King in over 100 years.

Queen Bea and Prince Willem...looking awesome. click for source.

Queen Bea and Prince Willem…looking awesome. click for source.

According to friends and wiki, I can expect to see one of the biggest crowds I have ever seen in Amsterdam…or possibly any city I’ve ever been in. Also it is compulsory that you deck yourself out in ORANGE. So I picked up this number at the Albert Heijn for 5 Euro. A true bargain.


In addition to the drunken shenanigans that are inevitable with the adults, children can enjoy the holiday by showcasing their talents in Vondelpark. This can be anything from hosting games, playing instruments, or face painting, for example.

So this weekend the hubby and I are hosting a family of four from czech, and my gal pal and ex-labmate Chantazh. In addition to the pAArtying, it is also great fun to cook together.

IMG_2146Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 2.34.52 PMIMG_2149

I think one morning soon I’ll surprise the kids with this awesome happy monkey face breakfast…and by kids I mean everyone.

HAPPY MONKEY apple peanut butter breakfast

Some rice cakes

1 apple

peanut butter

dash of maple syrup

dash of cinnamon


Cut the apple in thin slices, vertically. Spread the peanut butter onto three rice cakes for each monkey. Sprinkle some cinnamon and maple syrup on each, and construct your monkey as seen above.

You may have some pieces left over….so you can get creative, or just arrange more avant-garde for the sophisticated Europeans you’re feeding.


Delicious, filling, simple…perfect!


  One thought on “Queen’s day! and apple-peanut-butter-happy-monkey breakfast plate

  1. May 5, 2013 at 12:35 am

    That is one of the cutest breakfasts. 🙂

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