Who do you walk for?-the Zandvoort 30 km Walk

What is the furthest distance that you’ve walked? Did you have a specific reason for doing it?


Breast Cancer 3-day walk

A few years back I did a 60 mile (96.5 km) walk in Florida. That walk cost me over $2500 dollars to participate in and all the proceeds went to the Susan G. Komen for a cure breast cancer foundation. Luckily I had a significant motivation for doing the walk, and raising the money.

1) My aunt died of breast cancer.

2) I have breasts…which will hopefully stay cancer-free

3) Hubby loves said breasts.

You can see from the above picture that by the end of it, I had both feet completely wrapped in bandages. When I crossed the finish line I burst into tears, both from the pain, the joy of raising awareness of breast cancer, and also just thinking about my aunt. It was such a difficult experience on a variety of levels, and so I shied away from doing other such walks for several years afterwards.


Wearing 18749837490 layers…to keep warm in the Baltic winds!

But I seemed to have forgotten about this experience before I registered for the Zandvoort 30 km walk here in Holland.



It was all Helen’s idea….;-)

The weather was EXTREME for even the toughest walkers. It was freezing (literally…below 30F) when we began the walk along the beach. As if this temperature isn’t punishment enough, the winds were nearly three times faster than normal along the beach. We had to cover our eyes and mouths to avoid getting a nice, sandy crunch between gusts of frigid wind.

On the positive side of things, I did get to see some beautiful houses along the route, see a nice castle, some adorable red squirrels, and hang out with some amazing ladies.

IMG_1871 IMG_1868 IMG_1864

At the end of the walk, we all got to take a much needed, free (!!) sports massage.

I then boarded the train feeling a bit achy, but triumphant…earning an evening of pampering from Hubby. Hot bath, clean house, and episodes of The Office were downloaded and waiting for me when I got in the door.

Forever grateful.


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