Snuggle Bees: Bee-ing totally adorable.

Well, it’s almost that time of year to celebrate being impaled in the backside by cupid’s arrow (you’re in love, congrats!). Alternately, perhaps you plan to celebrate another year solo…although I hope you and your cat/dog/BFF/wine have a beautiful night together. For my international readers who have no idea what that means…it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Beware of public displays of snuggling, canoodling, kissing, hugging, touching….you can’t espcape it.

Even in the animal kingdom.

Unlike the social bees that produce honey (cleverly named honeybees), most other species of bees live a solitary life. Females maintain nests and return here at night, but male bees are not invited. So they rest wherever they can. These two fellas, an Amegilla bee on the right and a long-horn bee (Tetraloniella) on the left, are shown cuddling up for warmth on an acacia tree in Kenya. Just a couple of bros…catching some shut-eye.

Too. Cute.


Source: NatGeo.


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